About Us

About Republic Storage

Republic Storage traces its roots back to 1886, when John and Wilson Berger of Canton, Ohio began forming lengths of metal conductor pipe in their basement workshop. In 1921, Berger Manufacturing Company merged with United Furnace Company and created the trade name Berloy which quickly became known nationwide for steel furniture, storage products, lockers and shelving.

The company fostered the creation of Republic Steel Corporation in 1930 and built essential components for ships and planes throughout the war years. Post-war, the company began to focus on the storage systems that are our core business today. Republic Storage Systems was purchased from LTV Steel by its employees in 1986. In 2006, we became part of the Versa Capital Management, LLC family of companies and in January of 2012, Republic commissioned its first powder coating finishing line.

On April 10, 2015, Echelon Capital, LLC acquired most of the assets of Republic Storage Systems, LLC, renaming the company as Republic Storage Products, LLC. While offices remain in nearby Uniontown, Ohio, manufacturing relocated to existing factory space in Illinois.

After more than a century, our drive for growth, innovation, quality, and service to our customers is stronger than ever. Republic Storage Products, LLC looks forward to working with you.


Republic lockers have proven to be easier to install and more trouble-free than any other system on the market. Available in a variety of configurations to suit corridor, athletic room and other applications, they feature reliable latching systems and a premium finish. Choose from twenty-five standard colors, available in hundreds of size and style combinations to suit your needs precisely.

Storage Products

Republic’s industrial storage line includes clip shelving, boltless shelf framing systems, racks, slotted angle, automotive shelving, cabinets, book units, and shop furniture.

Clip shelving offers complete storage solutions for everything from basic back-room storage to integrated warehouse applications.

Rivet shelf framing systems provide economical and versatile storage solutions for a variety of applications including retail stockrooms, auto part centers, and archive storerooms.

Rack systems allow clear, immediate access to all material and can be easily adapted to a wide range of storage needs.

Slotted angle, work benches, storage cabinets, automotive shelving, book units, and shop furniture are made from high-quality, heavy-gauge steel and are coated with a powder coat finish.

Shelving Mezzanine Systems

Custom-designed shelving mezzanine systems can triple your floor space and storage area. Each system is custom-designed to match your area, height, load, use, and color requirements. These systems provide maximum flexibility because they are easy to assemble and reassemble. Of course, they conform to all applicable specifications, building codes and OSHA requirements.

Engineered Storage Systems

Republic offers multilevel, high-rise and integrated systems to meet your material handling needs. Multilevel areas with full access aisles make the most of costly warehouse space. High-rise systems are designed by our qualified structural engineers for long-term reliability and safety and can be incorporated into automated storage and retrieval systems. Integrated systems combine Republic products into comprehensive material handling and storage solutions that can include conveyors, sprinklers, HVAC, electrical conduit and other piping systems.