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In 1886, two brothers and two friends had an idea ... In a basement workshop, they began forming lengths of metal conductor pipe. Over a century later, Republic Storage Products, LLC is still forming metal, though the shapes have certainly changed. Lockers, shelving, rack and mezzanine storage systems originated with the innovative ideas of the Bergers and their friends. From the early 1900s through 2014, Republic developed into an operation of over one million square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office area at the 1038 Belden Avenue NE address in Canton, Ohio.

Republic remains a competitive force in the steel storage products market.Though our name has changed through the years, the drive for growth, innovation and quality remains today. You'll see it in our people. You'll see it in our products. Please give us the opportunity to show you.

1886 - The company that will become Republic Storage Products is founded by John and Wilson Berger of Canton, Ohio.
1888 - The Berger Manufacturing Company is incorporated.
1893 - Berger continues to grow with a workforce of 125 people and branch offices across the country.
1896 - Berger's 61 different products include metal roofing, steel ceilings, fireproofing specialties and sidewalk lanterns.
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1900 - Manufacturing operations are moved to the Belden Avenue site in Canton, having moved five times in ten years.
1906 - Alloy steel production begins in Canton, and Berger's product line expands to include steel furniture, metal pipe and culverts.
1910 - Over $5,000,000 in capital funds the growth of Berger Manufacturing Company. 
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1921 - Berger merges with United Furnace Company and United Alloy Steel. The trade name Berloy is adopted and becomes known nationwide for steel furniture, storage products, lockers and shelving.
1930 - Republic Steel Corporation is founded with Berger Manufacturing and Central Alloy as divisions.
1936 - General administration and sales offices are consolidated at the Republic Building in Cleveland, Ohio.
1937 - Berger Division Plant No.2 in Louisville, Ohio begins producing building materials. 
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1940 - Construction begins on a three story brick office building at 1038 Belden Avenue in Canton, Ohio, the site of Republic Storage Systems headquarters. The building cost $140,000.
1941 - World War II begins and the Berger Division shifts production to U.S. Navy orders for ammunition boxes, steel ship furniture, shelving and other military supplies. Plant No. 2 manufactures bomb bay doors and airplane wing flaps.
1946 - The Berger Division tools up for post-war production of steel building products. Other products include shelving, lockers, storage cabinets, desks, bookcases and steel kitchen cabinets.
1955 - The installation of an automated dip paint system and electrostatic spray line dramatically increases output for Berger. Over 500 lockers are sprayed per hour; over 36,000 pounds of material can be dip painted per hour.
1959 - Berger revolutionizes the industrial shelving market with the introduction of compression clip shelving. Many years later, the clip remains the recognized industry standard.

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1962 - Republic consolidates Berger with three other industrial divisions to form the Manufacturing Division of Youngstown, Ohio, representing over $100,000,000 annual sales of fabricated steel products.
1968 - Production of storage rack begins in Canton.
1973 - Decentralization of administrative operations brings the former "Berger" back to Canton as the Industrial Products Division of Republic Steel. 
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1981 - Statesville Service Center for rack fabrication and distribution opens in Statesville, NC.
1983 - A more appropriate name is chosen for the Industrial Products Division: Republic Storage Systems.
1984 - LTV of Dallas, Texas acquires Republic Steel and forms LTV Steel.
1986 - LTV focuses on steel production and sells manufacturing divisions. Republic Storage Systems is purchased by its employees.

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2006 - Republic Storage Systems becomes part of the Versa Capital Management, LLC family of companies.

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2012 - Republic Storage Systems commissions its first powder coating finishing line, adding this capability to its liquid finishing options.
- Republic Storage Systems, LLC is substanially acquired by Echelon Capital, LLC, moving offices to Uniontown, OH and relocating manufacturing to existing factory space in Illinois. The company is renamed Republic Storage Products, LLC.

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