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MVP Lockers with Locked Compartment
Qty 44 (22 sets of 2 - riveted together)
18"w x 24"d x 72"h
Color 66 Hunter Green
Contact: Joe Blust at 937.253.9389

Safe-O-Mat Locks - GREAT Price!
Qty 372 Safe-O-Mat Coin Collect Locks - 800 Series
Contact: Kevin Tarantino at 410.977.9822

Single Point ll Door & Frame Assemblies
Double Tier, No Leg, 18"w x 30"h (60" overall)
Qty 403 Total
Qty 155 in color 82 Red Velvet
Qty 124 in color 50 Gray
Qty 124 in color 62 Shadow Gray
Contact: Bill Pence at 540.343.2434 ext. 5# 

Master Lock 1690 Locks
Qty 420 Master Lock 1690 locks for use with Single Point ll Lockers. Discounted price and free shipping! Please contact Jon Pence at 540.343.2434. 

Digilock Electronic Locks
Qty 71 Digilocks - style number T30 $60/each (can be purchased individually)
Become ADA compliant...Designed for lockers with a handle and a vertical locking bar. Touch the user button key to the lock and unlock the 1/2" deadbolt for 10 seconds, providing ample time before automatically re-locking. Operates on 4 AAA batteries (included). Locking bolt moves horizontally, functioning similar to Master Lock models 1630 and 1631. For additional info, call 919.787.4100 or

Master 1690 Built-in Combination Lock
Qty 227 High security locks for use with Single Point Latch Lockers. Locks are new and in original cartons.  Buy for $6.00 each delivered. (Original list price was $22.40 each.) Contact Fred Jorgensen at G J Sales Company 401.826.2650.

All Welded Lockers
Qty 40 Single Tier, Color 82 Red Velvet 12"x18"x72"
MVP Lockers w/locked compartment and foot locker - Qty 47, Color 82 Red Velvet 18"x18"x72". Contact Chris Cruzan 806.792.3562.

Quiet Lockers
Qty 30 Single Tier 12"x12"x72" Color 50 Gray, no leg, flat tops - Contact Brad Bonifield at 412.276.1200.

Quiet Lockers
Qty 60 Single Tier 12"x15"x72" Color 70 Sea Green. Contact Don Nolimal at 773.829.3236.

Quiet Lockers
Qty 158 Single Tier 15"x15"x60" Color 67 Blueberry, with CST & fillers. Contact Ron or Craig at 515.265.1105.